Coming and going, connecting with the ocean

The Sand Bar, where the hotel guests and local residents mingle. A spacious area for the reception and a lounge built with an open ceiling. Abundant light comes in thru large windows and a panoramic view of the sea opens up right in front of you. Natural objects including driftwood picked up from the seashore of Hayama, and stones, sand, as well as linen items.The unified shabby chic tone interior. Offering you a comfortable and relaxing time in a light and soothing atmosphere. Please relax freely in the café, on the terrace, or in the originally crafted Tipi tent, as you wish.


We offer UMINO HOTEL original blend and craft beer,
as well as elaborate dishes featuring seasonal Miura vegetables.


6:00 – 9:30
Start a day with favorite
morning plate.


11:00 – 15:00
Are you starving?

PHO made from domestic rice with a chewy texture served with the Miura vegetables. Slow-stewed curry cooked with local produce. Have a refreshing lunch time with selected beers.


15:00 – 22:00
Relax in the comfortable place in the afternoon.

Take a break in the spacious space having high ceiling.
We serve fresh drinks and desserts.

How to use


Relax liberally in the open and spacious area

Tables to eat and converse, sofas that offer complete relaxation, and counter seating to quietly gaze at the ocean. eel the wind on the terrace with showers of light, and relax on the benches or at the Lounge for a change, with 50 total seatings.


Koagari, a tatami space where you can relax bare foot.  Enjoy your conversation at the spacious table, and Tipi, BOHO style.  A counter looking at the ocean is available as well.  Freely enjoy it in the BYO style.


Have a breakfast listening to the sound of the waves in the fresh morning. Relax with your dog on the terrace on sunny days. At night, it will change to the fantastic space covered by lights. Everybody is welcome at our Umi Terrace.


Cafe & Work space

Cafe & Work space with comfortable atmosphere. A luxurious and flexible space for eating, working, relaxing, and ontemplating the ocean. Free Wi-fi and power outlet available.
※On peak time, the usage limit of 90 minutes may apply.



The various art to help feel the ocean are created by the artists active here in Hayama.  The Seaborn Art is created by Mr. Shinichi Takanashi, and the drawings of the pillars and art on the walls leading to the guest house are created by Mr. Jun Otani, a graphic artist.


The BGM played in the facility are selected by Mr. LAVA, the sound producer.  Enjoy spending time listening to the ocean themed variety music from the poppy and calming rhythmical sounds to the refreshing numbers.


The subtle and refreshing aroma that welcomes guests as they walk into the entrance.  The 100% natural essential oil extracted from plants, flowers, leaves, trees, and fruits is used in the aroma that vividly engraves the time you spend in Hayama in your memory.


Dracaena the good luck plant, that perfectly matches the open atmosphere of the shore, and the palm trees greatly stretching their leaves in the garden.  And the happy greens such as the beautiful leaved Monstera, the Giant White Bird of Paradise, and succulent plants makes you naturally enjoy nature.


The nature oriented original interior that is exclusive to Hayama blessed with the ocean and greens.  The natural beauty and brightness are expressed at the lobby by the enormous lighting created with driftwood pieces, a product of the sea wracks, and Tipi tent.


A variety of books including ocean photo books introducing various faces of the ocean, nature, travel, art, and beers await you. Why don’t you put your phone away and flip the pages, it may help you to come up with some brilliant ideas for the next adventure or job.



We have Free Wi-fi.


We offer seats with a power source as well.

Take out

You can order to-go drinks at SANDBAR.

Store hours
6:00-22:00 (L.O 21:00)
6:00-09:30 (L.O 9:00)
15:00-22:00 (L.O 21:00)
check in
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0 children