Set sail on

Incredible HAYAMA
The sentiment to the ocean and Hayama

Hayama, blessed with abundant natural greenery and the ocean, cultivating sophisticated life styles. Life with the ocean, connected softly to the town, unrestrictedly cherishing rich moments. Hoping for many to be acquainted with fulfilling experiences here, where various attractions are offered. And enjoy Hayama to the fullest of your heart’s content. The story began, with such a wish. We hope for the “UMINO Hotel” to be the spot where Hayama, the ocean, people meet and connect, and expand.

Now and forever
The location and the ocean

The beautiful scenery and mild climate.
As the Goyotei, the imperial villa signifies,
many cultured persons loved Hayama as the area for their vacation villas,
and it still attracts many visitors even now.
For half a century, watching over the ocean at this location,
deeply connecting with people,
an elegant facility of a beer company once stood here.
UMINO HOTEL inherited the location and the history,
connecting the ocean and people, and a person to a person.

We offer various locations in Hayama suitable to the various lifestyles of our guests.
Providing time for people to enjoy of your choice.

Floor guide


Art, Music, and well-selected beers.
The essentials to feel the ocean and Hayama, and to enjoy the “UMINO HOTEL.”

Product art

The Seaborn Art

The art that decorates the lobby lounge is created by a local Hayama artist Mr. Shinichi Takanashi, and the UMINO HOTEL creative team. The UMINO HOTEL original Seaborn Art objects were created with driftwood pieces and materials that landed on and were picked up from the coast of Hayama, and utilize the shapes of nature.

Natural material macrame art

The macrame arts decorated throughout the facility starting from the massive one at the entrance of the guest house, were created by The Landscapers who are based in Kamakurayama. They also created original art pieces with the “UMINO HOTEL” logo, using indigo blue strings to express the natural ocean.

Graphic art

The arts describing the ocean

The colorful blue art decorated in the room is an original art piece of the local Hayama painter, Ms. Yumi Yamada that expresses the ocean of Hayama. The collaboration of the natural ocean and the art are there to make your stay more enjoyable.

The art that colorizes Sand Bar

The pillars and walls painted with people enjoying the beach, and scenery. Poppy and colorful art well suited to Sand Bar are created by the graphic artist Mr. OTANIJUN. He directed the cheerful and open atmosphere of the hotel, and designed the postcard of the UMINO HOTEL as well.

The deep sea art

The photo collage of the Hayama ocean with the concept of sleeping in the ocean. The Bunkroom, which expresses the deep sea, is a collaborated creation of Mr. Rai Shizuno, a local Zushi photographer and organizer of art projects, and the UMINO HOTEL creative team.

The art of landscapes and scenery

A majority of the interior photographs used in the UMINO HOTEL’s official HP and pamphlet are taken by the native Kamakura photographer Mr. Yasuma Miura who is active for WEB, magazines, and advertisements. His photographs with impressive lighting and colorfulness are unique to Mr. Miura who’s lifework is to take pictures of the ocean and surfers, and is well acquainted with the ocean of Hayama.


The sound of the ocean

BGM played in the facility is selected by Mr. LAVA, the sound producer. Enjoy spending time listening to the ocean themed variety music from the poppy and calming rhythmical sounds to the refreshing numbers.


The aroma of the ocean

The subtle and refreshing aroma that welcomes guests as they walk into the entrance. The 100% natural essential oil extracted from plants, flowers, leaves, trees, and fruits is used in the aroma that vividly engraves the time you spend in Hayama in your memory.

Cafe&Work Space

Cafe & Work space

Cafe & Work space, cozy and comfy atmosphere with BGM. A luxurious and flexible space for eating, working, relaxing, and viewing the ocean. Wi-fi and power source are provided.

Connected by beer

Beer suited to the ocean and Hayama.  Enjoy mingling with people while indulging in the selected craft beer at the SandBar, which is popular with locals.  One of the best communication tools connecting people and decorating conversations is beer.  The new beginning connected with the ocean, Hayama, and beer at the location that beer has been deeply associated with.

Staff Members

It was 2017 when we inherited this location and the history.  We began making the hotel plan with all the respect for the facility and the residents of Hayama.  Deeply considering how exactly can we make this location shine, and taking one aspect at a time.  We absolutely love Hayama.  We cherish the fabulous experiences to be created, by connecting deeply to Hayama.



Blueness merges water and sky
Interwoven, dispersed, combined
Sharing moments in unison like the waves on the ocean

Infinite motion
Peace and liberation
Generate a new experience

A feast for all senses
Enveloped by Hayama and its nature
A stone’s throw to the shoreline
Frequently stimulate the senses

Eternal reverberation
Finding common horizons
A meeting of minds, an emotional connection

Embrace the sea at Hayama, welcome

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